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Starting Up A Crypto Party

Published on Nov 12, 2012

2012-11-10 – Phreaknic16 – 12 – Peace – Starting Up A Crypto Party

“Crypto Party” is a worldwide movement where speakers encourage non tech savvy yet privacy rights interested people to protect themselves online. You can read more about it at Anyway, if you’re looking for people to give talks, I’d love to talk about setting up a crypto party in other places. I know most of Phreaknic has the technical knowledge to use cryptographic technologies and analyze how safe they are, but it’s also important that the layman understand that as well. Please allow me 30 minutes to encourage people start up a group in their respective cities.


AVTM End of the World Crypto-Party! Phil Zimmerman, Alan Reiner, John Light

Lets Throw a bunch of these security – anonymity – CryptoParty – learn ins! For More Info Contact Here
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