Chalking Free Barrett Brown and Janet Napolitano’s UC Police Say Lawsuit


Published on Sep 3, 2013 Chalking "Free Barrett Brown", "Free Manning" (faded), "UC-DHS BE READY TO SHOW ID", etc on UC Berkeley campus, California the home of the free speech movement. After confirmation, the police that the UC has the right to sue for cost of clean up. One of Janet Napolitano's first acts as president of the UC system will be a lawsuit for chalking on UC campus property. Free Speech is not normal.
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From Dictatorship to Democracy

In recent years various dictatorships—of both internal and external origin—have collapsed or stumbled when confronted by defiant, mobilized people. Often seen as firmly entrenched and impregnable, some of these dictatorships proved unable to withstand the concerted political, economic, and social defiance of the people.

Since 1980 dictatorships have collapsed before the predominantly nonviolent defiance of people in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Slovenia, Madagascar, Mali, Bolivia, and the Philippines. Nonviolent resistance has furthered the movement toward democratization in Nepal, Zambia, South Korea, Chile, Argentina, Haiti, Brazil, Uruguay, Malawi, Thailand, Bulgaria, Hungary, Zaire, Nigeria, and various parts of the former Soviet Union (playing a significant role in the defeat of the August 1991 attempted hard-line coup d’état).
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Cornel West and Chris Hedges discuss Bradley Manning verdict

Published on Aug 8, 2013

Army whistleblower Bradley Manning was acquitted of ‘Aiding the enemy,’ on July 30, 2013, while convicted of 20 other charges. On August 4 Cornel West was joined by former NYT correspondent Chris Hedges and members of the Bradley Manning Support Network for a discussion of the threat to whistleblowers and government transparency posed by Bradley Manning’s trial. Visit for more information. The event took place at the Friends Meeting of Washington D.C. Continue reading